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        Standard Procedures

Forms and normal operations

Battalion Morning Reports are available at Brigade HQ.


                                         Quarterly Reports from battalions

The AoDS has instituted a report system from all brigades. The reports should be sent by battalion adjutants to their respective brigade headquarters. The brigade AAG will forward the consolodated returns to the AoDS AAG at the following email

The reports should be submitted April 15th, July 15th, October 15th and January 15th.

Format of the return.

The return shall be in a letter form as exampled below as sent by battalion or brigade;


1st Battalion Brigade

Location,  Date

AoDS Headquarters



The 1 Battalion Brigade was involved in the following engagements during the first quarter of 20xx.

1- Manassas January xx-xx

125 men

12 Officers

2- Olustee February xx-xx

102 men

11 officers



Adjutant or AAG if brigade

Pony Battalion

First Brigade


Form use.

Morning Report

Used by the Brigades to track the available forces for a particular day.

Consolidated from Battalion company reports etc.

Form 200

Brigade/ Battalion report consolidated from the company level weapon inspection form 100.


Used in certain scenarios.

Bugle Circular

In house created form to give the principal musician times to work off.

Return of ammunition expended

Used upon request by command for ammunition expended during a given engagement.


Below are Artillery Reports as used by the GEORGIA DIVISION REENACTORS ASSOCIATION.

All credit for these forms goes to the GDRA.

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