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 General Orders 05-13/24
May 13, 2024

To the Officers and Soldiers of the 1st Division;

1.) The Officers and Soldiers of the combined Brigades of Infantry, Cavalry, Artillery and Support Services of this Division are hereby ordered to report for service with the Armies of the United States on May 17th near Resaca, Georgia.
2.) Brigade and Battalion Commanders are to continue to take all measures, up to the last moments of departure, to ensure their men are properly and completely informed, uniformed and equipped for the Campaign. Commanders should see their men have up to 300 properly constructed cartridges if possible. Proper and Diligent attention will be given to adherence to the Host’s Guidelines for participation and the Division Head~Quarters Staff will see to that enforcement.
3.) Tentage, camp equipment, and all other such paraphernalia should be at a minimum for the Campaign. All items not of a strictly military nature should be considered impedimenta and deemed unnecessary. Streets will be laid out in the regulation manner with wedge tents or flies forming the boundaries and not overlapping into the open areas of the company streets. Wall tents, when used, will not be pitched in the Company Streets but will be pitched along Officers Row or within areas assigned for their use. Brigade and Commanders will see to this enforcement, as practicable.
4.) Brigade or Battalion Commanders will report their anticipated arrival dates, changes in Staff rosters and final Muster counts to Brigade Head~Quarters no later than May 15th.
5.) The senior officer of his Battalion, first to arrive at their respective Battalion bivouac areas, will assume command of that Battalion, and make himself readily available to Division Head~Quarters  until relieved by the arrival of his Battalion Commander or other such officer appointed by him for that purpose.
6.) All Soldiers, and civilians attached or serving in a capacity within the military structure, will remain properly dressed at all times while in camp.
7.) Individual Company Colors and Standards may be displayed as camp markers until such time as they are ordered to be removed by Division Head~Quarters.
8.) All Battalion Standards carried on the field are to be of a pattern associated with United States Army Regulations and concurrent with the 1864 patterns designated for the Army of the Cumberland, the Army of the Tennessee or the Military Division of the Mississippi, respectively. Standard bearers, Color Guards and Guides should be model soldiers and men with the character, experience and discipline necessary for such an honorable assignment.
All other such Orders, General or Special, or Circulars deemed necessary for the efficient operation of the Division will be issued as required.

The Division Staff wish all a safe and speedy journey as we join with our comrades from across our Nation to advance our common cause.
By Order of the Division Commander,
M. Hunter Poythress                                                                                                                          Maj. General, Commanding                                                                                                                    1st Division                                                                                                                             United States Forces, Resaca Campaign



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