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        Army of the Deep South


                                   Welcome to the Army of the Deep South website

We hope you will find everything you need on these webpages and we look forward to continually updating and providing you with the information you will need to prepare for our upcoming campaigns.

As specific Campaigns approach we will publish all General and Specific Orders as well as Circulars and Directives that will affect the Division before we take the field. The Division Staff will also provide through their respective offices, information regarding Tables of Organization, Orders of Battle, and directions toward impression guidelines, sutlers and other avenues that you may find helpful in enhancing your military experience.

It is our goal to present to every soldier in this Division a professional and competent Staff dedicated to delivering a quality military experience while providing them with the leadership they deserve. The Division Staff is made up of experienced Officers who work tirelessly to make sure operations run efficiently and with as little interruption as
possible both off and on the field and they are dedicated to the Division’s mission of professionalism and quality.

Thank you for visiting the Army of the Deep South website, and on behalf of the Division Staff, I look forward to
serving you on the field.

With Great Affection,
M. Hunter Poythress
Maj. Gen’l., Commanding

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